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It’s Time For Sport!

LET’S PLAY!  Let’s play with friends, let’s play with the kids, let’s play with the spouse, let’s...

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 Who would have imagined, in March of 2020, that we would all be ‘mostly grounded’ for 24 months?

For the most part, Covid is in the rear-view mirror.  Let’s hope!!

And yet, we are still getting back to normal – pre Covid normal.  Still getting back to Joie de vivre, to a buoyant, fun loving, live-for-the-day outlook! 

We want to get back to three things.  “SPORT” and “SOCIAL” and “BEING FIT”.  And we want to de-emphasize a few things – home gyms, stationary bikes, Zoom calls, and binging Netflix.

Let’s play! 

Let’s play with friends, let’s play with the kids, let’s play with the spouse, let’s have a date night or a first date, let’s do it.  

Squashwest – We have missed a community based social environment.




SQUASH – one of New England’s oldest and fastest growing sports

Squash is a preeminent sport in 2023.

  • Considered the most strategic sport by many fitness journals
  • Gives the body and mind a great workout in 1 hour
  • Drives your heart rate up to the aerobic level easily
  • It works core muscles very well.

Within a few matches, one learns what shots not to hit, and how to work a court advantage to a point.

Squash is easy to play!

Only a few things and you are good to go:  a pair of court shoes, a racquet and ball, goggles, and a court reservation  

Squash is multi-generational!

Visit Squashwest and you will see: grandparents playing with grandchildren; mom’s playing with sons; fathers playing with daughters. husbands and wives playing,  best friends playing and new friends playing. 

Squash is a game that can be played at a competent level from ages 6 – 86. 

It’s easy to find partners that play at your level. We have 250 adult members of varied ages and abilities that love to play with new people. We have a vibrant youth program as well. Our 5 singles courts and 1 international doubles court give us great capacity and free courts.

We accelerate new player skills with a great team of instructors and pros. Meet our team below and on the team page.  Lessons, clinics, round robins, boxes, ladders; all are very active here.


Squashwest, formerly Concord Acton Squash.

It is a club where ‘everyone knows your name’.

With a Greater Boston-wide reputation of being the Squash Club with the best social atmosphere, we work hard at being social. Our ‘great room’, above courts 1-4 is our hangout area. Members can enjoy a cold beverage after a match, or join for regular social events.

And fitness

Some of us need to lose the ‘Covid 10’.  Squash will help this. We have modernized our fitness center with the latest gear focused on core/squash strength.  It’s not too much – we don’t imagine that we are a large fitness club; but we think it is just right for us.

Come and visit, we would love to have you try us out.  

  • Call (978 897 2972) and grab a court at no charge; the first one is on us.
  • Join a pay-n-play model that enables you to register once (on-line) and pay for court usage as you desire.
  • Become a member, our member rates are great value with unlimited use of the facilities.

 A brief Covid statement:  Since reopening in August 2021, Squashwest has done a lot to make our Club Covid-sensible, both in terms of process (masks in common areas) and in terms of technology (Halo-LED Air purifiers; private key-less door entry that allow members to walk directly to and from courts from the parking lot).   All employees and pros are vaxxed and boosted. We survived the 2 years without an outbreak (knock on wood), and we will be sensitive to new variants.  And we follow the Town of Acton public rules for Covid, which now allows mask free in public areas.

495 squash Fun

Squashwest’s Team of Coaches is dedicated to
developing you into a fantastic Squash Player!

Click here to learn more about our team.

Gary Gargan
Head Pro, Director of Squash

Belkys Hazzard
Squash Pro

Matt Sidaway
Squash Pro

Paul ANsdellIMG 2722640x640


Paul Ansdell
Squash Pro, Emeritus

Grant Wiggill
Member Relations,
Squash Instructor

John Bleuer
General Manager

Will Bigelow

Will Bigelow
Facilities and Operations,
Squash Instructor