Interested in a membership with us at SquashWest?

Squashwest offers a hybrid model for membership.

Traditional monthly membership: Our low monthly fee for an individual or member offers unlimited squash and fitness at no incremental cost. This works great for members that like to play regularly.

Pay-n-Play: For those that want to try out squash, or the calendars are too complicated to plan on a monthly membership, pay by the court hour. Once you enter your profile, you can book courts simply and pay a court fee.


$115/Month Individual
$125/month for a family (12 month membership)

  • Build Squashwest into your weekly schedule; play on an unlimited basis.
  • Amazing Childrens Clinics – encourage your children to develop lifelong skills, hand eye and strategy skills.
  • 7 day court booking flexibility; unlimited play per calendar month.
  • Fun-loving squash players at all ages.
  • Known as a social club plus a squash club – Programs are geared to members meeting members
  • Social squash programs, the Box Leages, the Round Robins,  challenge matches, internal teams competing in squash and over dinner (ka Summer &  Winter team tournaments)
  • 5 singles courts and one doubles court, we have great capacity for squash playing.
  • Our beer and wine license helps the post-game socializing.
  • Monthly club membership cannot be completed online. Please email or, or call the office at 978-897-2972 and we will be delighted to process your monthly membership.

Book a Court


  • Built for flexibility, there is no monthly or annual membership fee in this model.  Create your membership profile below and book an available court when you want to play.  Court fees are simple; $30 per hour off peak and $40 per hour peak. Encourage friends to sign up for this membership model and play when you want and with who you want.
  • Simple one click booking of a court, after registration.
  • All credit card, no cash, no obligations
  • Courts can be booked up to 3 days in advance.