Why Squash?

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Quickly get fit while having fun.  

Forbes ranked squash the number one healthiest sport in the world for a reason! Squash is an efficient, full-body workout that is also intellectually stimulating. It’s quick, small step, high cardio exercise is typically relatively easy on the body. Once you have a pair of court shoes, a racquet, a ball, goggles, and an opponent, you can come prepared for 45 minutes of vigorous workout.

It’s multigenerational

Squash is a sport, like skiing, where a 6 year old can develop competence to compete with his Mom and Dad. Our doubles court is especially desirable to Boomers as we age; we have many members with 3 generations of family playing together. It’s great fun for a Mom or Dad to put their child in a clinic and jump on a court with a friend.  Last but not least, once finished with sport all can relax with friends over a cold beer or glass of wine.


Over 70 U.S. colleges and universities now have varsity and club mens and womens squash teams. Check out the College Squash Association website here and note the dominance of northeastern schools in the college rankings. Also, note the college sport is egalitarian towards women and men. Squash remains a scholarship sport that doesn’t require our children to be football or basketball player size.  https://csasquash.com/

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At SquashWest, our pros have played on the international tour and taught at major university and prep school level.  They will challenge our youth with skill, strategy and fitness.

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A great game for mental health

Tired of the home office?  Has the Peloton become a clothes hanger? Are you growling at the dog as much as the dog is growling at you? The pace of squash requires focus, quick wits, a clear mind. There is seldom a winning shot made that wasn’t dependent on the previous placement of the shot. The four walls are to be used to advantage, but the tin, the ceiling and the red lines are out of bounds. It’s a mind cleansing game, with strategy like chess.


During a squash match, the ball moves up to 170 mph, and can be played off any wall, requiring players to react quickly and work hard.

Winning is about endurance, shot placement and emotional focus. Can you stay focused and be smart and fit enough to outlast and out-think your opponent?

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