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With over 70 colleges offering varsity and club mens and women’s teams, squash is a dynamic and growing sport in colleges across America.  Squashwest is delighted to have two high school club squash teams this year; Concord Carlisle and Acton Boxborough.


IMG 0936Are you a teenager who loves playing squash? Are you the parent of a teenager who loves playing squash? Either way, here is some important info about our efforts to bring Public School Squash to Concord Carlisle, Acton Boxborough and Lincoln Sudbury.

As of March 1, 2023, we have completed the first public school winter season league in MA.  Our teams from AB and CC took on high school programs from Boston, Brookline, Needham, and Lowell.  The teams practiced 3 days per week and had a full 10 match season.  Everyone considers year 1 of the program to be a big success!

Who plays? 

As you can see from the photos and the video, our teams are co-ed.  Squash attracts players that aren’t the largest and most athletic youth; but more the disciplined and thoughtful youth.  Squash is often called the ‘chess’ of athletics, as strategy and tactics are valued more than hitting the ball hard.   Our teams are made up of grades 8-12, and often the youngest and the smallest are top players on the team.

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Squash players are good sports; they are both competitive and collaborative.  Squash is perhaps the most multicultural of all sports, and squash players play to win and play to enjoy.

Squash – a lifetime sport

The youth learn a game that translates to college well.  At the varsity level, this site lists the final standing for the 73 colleges that offer men’s squash and the 44 colleges that offer women’s team.  Check out the list of schools – so many quality universities in the NorthEast US put an emphasis on intercollegiate Squash.

And the game translates so well to post college as squash is an extremely popular game in our cities for the young post graduates.

IMG 0913Start now!

Squash clinics and camps at Squashwest are taking place in the spring and summer.  Get a head start on next year’s season by playing ahead.  

For further info, reach out to Gary (Head Pro –, Paul ( or John (Owner –